Company profile

  • Company Kohaflex s r.o. was established in year 1992. We are 100% slovakian manufacturing-business organisation located in Banská Bystrica.
  • Since year 1998 we export our products to Czech republic through our company Kohaflex CZ located in Ostrava.
  • Company Kohaflex s r.o. has own technical department, which performs engineering activity in  area of hose applications, strengths calculations of pipelines with design of compensation system of thermal dilatations and vibrations and other technical support to our customers at solutions of flexible transport of liquids and gases.
  • Since year 2002 has company Kohaflex certificated quality system according to ISO 9001.
  • Our aim is to establish long-term ralationships with our customers and to provide them complex offer for flexible guidance of liquids and gases.


Manufacturing activity of company Kohaflex

  • welding of metal pressure hoses from stainless steel
  • assembling of high-pressure rubber, thermoplastic and PTFE hoses
  • welding of metal expansion joints
  • manufacture of flexible exhaust parts for exhaust engines
  • welding of constructions from stainless steel and aluminium in shielding atmosphere
  • assembly of Kohaflex products into pipelines

Business activity of company Kohaflex

  • rubber and plastic hose for industry and architecture
  • rubber and PTFE expansion joints
  • fabric expansion joints
  • armatures and couplings
  • thermal – insulating materials
  • sealing materials
  • spring hangers

Engineering – consulting activity of company Kohaflex

In area of hose application, compensation of thermal dilatations and absorbing of vibrations in pipelines.