General information

Fabric expansion joints are flexible pipe parts manufactured from layers of fabric, impregnated fabrics, sealing films, or steel nettings (mesh).

All used materials are 100% asbestos free. To increase thermal resistance are at manufacture of fabric expansion joints used fabrics based on glass, or ceramic yarns, or there is before expansion joint inserted thermal-insulating layer.

Construction of fabric expansion joints is designed always for particular application. Fabric expansion joints are manufactured in circular ans also non-circular sections.

Fabric expansion joints are manufactured with ending for clamping buckle/back up bars, or with flange ending.

Dimensions and used materials of fabric expansion joints are designed according to specific site of application and specific working loads.

Fabric expansion joints are designed exclusively for the pipes with gaseous media, for the elimination of thermal dilation of the duct, fan vibration and so on. (air, flue gas, ...). They can be used for chemically aggressive acidic or alkaline gases.

Thermal resistance of fabric expansion joints is up to 1200 ° C. Pressure resistance of fabric expansion joints max. 0.1 MPa.

Fabric expansion joints can capture movements in all directions and due to their low stiffness they burden pipeline minimally. In case that the gas flow velocity reaches more than 10 ms-1, or contains abrasive particles, is necessary to protect expansion joint by inner protective tube.

For vacuum applications, it is necessary to avoid "pulling in" inside the pipe cross-section of expansion joint (reinforcement rings, inner sleeve)