Rubber industrial hoses

Are intended for transport of water, air, hot water, steam, oil products, chemical products, food products, gases and abrasive medium.

Internal layer: is designed according to type of transported medium. The most used materials are:
EPDM/SBR- hose for water, air, hot water, steam and products with slight content of chemicals
NBR- hoses for oil, water and air
NR- hoses for transport of abrasive products
XLPE- hoses for transport of chemical and pharmaceutical products
UHMWPE- hoses for transport of chemical and pharmaceutical products
Reinforcement: defines pressure respective suction resistance of hose. According to used reinforcement is possible to devide hoses to pressure and pressure-suction. The most used materials are:
Textile insertion – provides pressure resistance
Steel insertion- provides pressure resistance (mainly steam and oil hoses)
Steel spiral- provides resistance of hose against vacuum
Outside layer: provides resistance of hose against outside influence and mechanical damage. The most used materials are EPDM, SBR, NR. In case of need is possible to protect hose by additional protection as steel or plastic spirals, thermal protections from glass or ceramic yarns.

Scope of delivered dimesnions of rubber hoses is from DN6 up to DN250mm. We deliver hose reinforcement with fittings or couplings based on customer requirements. You can find types of used industrial couplings in part "Industrial couplings".